Build connections, access resources and cultivate
your passion

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A digital community built by and for
Slashies to cultivate and amplify your (side) hustle.

A subscription-based digital community built by and for Slashies to cultivate and amplify your (side) hustle.

After two annual summits, more than 150 speakers, 24 panels, 14 workshops and countless groundbreaking IRL conversations, we came to a realization.

Our community needed a place to call home — a safe space to learn, connect and grow now more than ever.

Why should Slashies have to wait a full year to feel in-spired, empowered and connected?

Enter, Slashie Connects (beta)—all the goodness of the summit from the comfort of your couch, 365 days a

Slashie Connects is a digital subscription-based community created by Slashies for Slashies to build connections, access resources and cultivate your passion. We aim to redefine professional success and celebrate “non-traditional” careers.

More than anything, we want to inspire you to believe that your passions are worth it and deserve to be invested in. No matter where you are in your slashie journey, we’re here with the resources and knowledge you need to turn that pursuit into sustainable reality.


A Slack community of Slashie entrepreneurs and creatives that works when you do

Networking opportunities from the comfort of your couch

Weekly virtual events and workshops led by game-changers and go-getters

An archival library of video and audio content so you never miss a beat

Downloadable resources and toolkits to kickstart your side hustle .

While our community is in beta, our goal is to understand and uncover additional needs to help you elevate your slashie hustles. Please continue to provide feedback here.


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Nayantara Dutta

founder of Unapologetically Muslim and Defining Desi which center South Asian and Muslim identities and provide a space for the community to come together.

“I was surprised to see how many creators worked full-time jobs on top of their side hustles! It inspired me to see that we can still be our full creative selves while working a 9-5.”

Saba Zafar

a photographer and makeup artist, currently pivoting from a corporate job to finding a career in the creative field

“You don’t have to have a perfect start, and you certainly don’t have to have a certain degree to start. The Slashie community is real and the members can all provide valuable insights and support.”

Onkar Dhinsda

actor and writer

“The ability to network with and hear the perspectives of other slashies is what I love the most about the Slashie Connects community.”

Maryam Ishtiaq

creative consultant and blogger

“There aren’t many summits that are catered towards our community. So when you have an event like this, you should absolutely attend. It’s a blessing to find and connect with people outside of the social media world. Our community is full of so many well connected and talented individuals!”

Lisha Rajput

a law student, balancing school, studying for the LSATs and interning at law firms while pursuing dance, photography, and content creation.

“My imposter syndrome was completely dismantled. I found normalization in my hyphenated identity and knew I belong not just as a creative but as someone who carries the narrative of what it means to be a Desi woman.”

Melanie Chandra

actor, producer, techie

“I loved the camaraderie of this community! Everyone is so eager to support and elevate each other. Slashies are full of inspiration, whether you are building a product, a brand, or even a career in entertainment. And you'll meet a ton of like minded individuals that can help you reach your goals!”

Jon Madray

actor, DJ

“There are so many Slashies out there that are confused on how to grow in their journey. It’s inspiring to hear other stories and gain insight on everyone else’s journey.”

Megha Rao

Fashion designer

“We give young people a real life look into the world of opportunity. We provide examples of failures, success, social media influence, time management - things that are relevant in today’s world. We inspire others to dream big and chase their goals”

Felicia Singh

a teacher and candidate for New York City Council

“Slashie is an inspiring space to meet people who are like minded and hustling as hard as you are to reach goals.”

Ani Sanyal

an investor, entreprenuer and founder of Kolkata Chai Co.

“The demands of a creative career are no longer one dimensional, therefore being a multifaceted individual, aka a Slashie, is a necessary and valuable trait.”

Sabrina Nooruddin Molu

consultant, blogger

“Having a space for Slashies is a great way to reenergize yourself and get excited about creating. Have a dual career makes you more susceptible to burn out but this community is exciting and will help you refocus to find your purpose in a fun way.”

Shivani Persad

model, entrepreneur

“The Slashie Community is a great way to meet all these wonderful South Asians doing incredible things!”

How do I know if I am a slashie?

If you’re pursuing various side hustles along with your full-time commitment, you’re a slashie!

If I am an inspiring slashie, is this community for me?

Yes, let us inspire you to make your slashie goals a reality.

If I am not a slashie, should I join?

If you’re keen on expanding your community and looking for professional development support, this is for you.

Is there a fee to join the Slashie Connects Community?

We are currently offering a free trial for Slashies that sign up during our beta period. Once out of beta, we will be moving to a subscription-based model with a monthly fee. Don’t miss out on your chance to take advantage of these perks!

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